14. 07. 2015
talne obloge
A varied selection of patterns and colours of high quality natural stone for floor coverings. Check our offer!

Natural stone is suitable for both internal and external floor coverings, which makes it especially suitable for terraces, yards, summer kitchens and the pool area, as it is weatherproof and does not leave rust stains. It can also be used as a decorative covering for façades or fences, for decorative garden paths, pavings or as a decorative accessory.

Decorative stone is a customizable and versatile natural material that comes in a variety of colours and goes well with both classic and modern interior and exterior design styles.

Floor coverings for external use

External floor coverings have to be especially resistant to weather influences and heavy loads. The stone is walkable and, depending on the pattern, also drivable, which makes it suitable for yards and garages. Check our offer!

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