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Decorative stones for your home

Create stunning visual effects and the perfect relax spot with natural decorative stones.
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Did you know that you can improve the quality of living in your home by applying natural decorative stones as floor and wall tiles?

The natural stone:
  • improves the acoustics of your rooms, as the sound is absorbed in the stone, thus reducing echo
  • porosity of natural stones allows the heat to transfer fast
  • does not have electrostatic charge and does not attract dust, thus is easy to clean and maintain

decorative stone  decorative stone
Roma Beige Travertine (left), Maxima (right)

Decorative stones for living rooms with pellet stoves and fireplaces

Natural decorative stone tiles have a wide variety of use. Decorate a wall in the living room or behing the TV, or make a decorative detail in the dining room. Apply natural stone tiles by the fireplace and, besides a better heat transfer, be rewarded with great visuals of the primal effects of fire and stone.

Our natural stone is processed with care and sophisticatedly in a wide color palette for remarkable decorative effecst! For the finishing touch, add lighting and admire the play of colors and patterns.

natural stone   natural stone
Bari (left), Mini Riva (right)

Natural stone in bathrooms, wellness areas and restrooms

Trends show that bathrooms are becoming more an extension of the living room, than merely a "washing room". We view bathrooms as oasis where we relax and recharge. We can achieve the transformation from washing room to our own home spa center by applying natural stones to floors and walls.

natural stone   natural stone
Taranto (left), Bergamo Wooden Mix (right)

natural stone   natural stone
Rimini (left), Arco (right)

Natural stone for every home

Our natural decorative stones are available in a wide color palette - from shades of white, soft brown to gray or dark. You can combine the colors and mix them up for unique combinations. As a preview we are presenting the Mini Bari color palette:

New ideas for home decor

To see more ideas how to add natural stone to your home, please visit our GALLERY.
We provide natural stone for indoor and outdoor use in many different colors and structures.

Simple application

The stone surfaces are treated precisely and the mozaics are affixed to grids of different sizes, depending on the sample, which allows for precise alignment and application. The decorative stone is glued on walls or floors with ceramic tile adhesive. The application of our natural stone is simple, as most of the samples do not require grouting and are adhered to the joint.

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