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Decorative stone in bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. Decorative stones create the right atmosphere in your bathrooms and toilet facilities.
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In the past, bathrooms were merely spaces for piling up dirty laundry and washing off dirt, basically a cleaning room. Nowadays, bathrooms are so much more, they are an oasis of peace, where we can relax and calm ourselves after a long day of work. Recent bathroom trends are turning bathrooms into spaces, where we do not simply clean ourselves, but "fill up our batteries" as well. In order to make your bathroom look like a real home spa centre, you should choose the right materials for floor and wall coverings.

Decorative stone in bathrooms

Your bathroom can also become your small piece of heaven. Cover it with natural decorative stone. We present you a few ideas on how to equip your bathrooms, saunas and spa rooms with decorative stone.

In our selection of natural stone for bathrooms, you can choose among decorative stones for walls and floors, stone sinks, showers and bathtubs.

Choose natural stone

Decorative stone is a customizable and versatile natural material that comes in a variety of colours and goes well with both classic and modern bathroom designs. Another advantage of stone, besides being a high quality material, is that it gives the space an additional aesthetic sophistication. We recommend it for both private and public facilities. We provide decorative stones for internal and external use in a variety of colours.

To see more offers and ideas for equipping premises with natural decorative stone, check our picture gallery.

natural stone   natural stone

Floor covering Taranto; wall coverings polished plate Nesos Beige

Decorative stone catalogue

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natural stone   decorative stone
Left: decorative stone: Arco - Maxima; Right stone: Loreto - Beige Travertine

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