Decorative stone

dekorativni kamen


SPLIT FACE MOSAIC is one of the classics of the Pietra Project collection. Its special pattern, inspired by the ancient footpaths, is compatible with a wide range of styles, because the composition of individual stone pieces is not too detailed. The rough structure of the surface visually expands...
Price: from 45,90€ / m2
discover colors:
  • Light Travertine Split Face 2
  • Noche Travertine Split Face  2
  • dekorativni kamen
  • White Marble   Split Face
  • Split Face Rustik   Silver Travertine
  • Split Face   Beige Travertine Rustic
  • Split Face   Noche Travertine Rustic
  • Split Face   Black Marble Indigo
  • Split Face   White Marble Rustic