About our stone

The story of stone

Throughout history, stone has been considered one of the leading building materials. People recognized its excellent natural advantages, such as strength and resistance, as well as its outstanding aesthetic value, created by nature in the process of rock formation. From this stems the uniqueness of stone, which highlights its decorative role in our homes.

Castles, palaces, churches and many other historical stone buildings are recognized as an important cultural and artistic heritage of civilization development. Stonecutters were esteemed artists who gave these buildings a particular grandeur and timelessness. Throughout history, this craft has been maintained and further developed. So today, we can show you a natural stone, treated with the precision of the latest technology and the creativity of an artist.  

The products are recognized by many colour variations and natural patterns in individual parts, plates, or elements. It were the natural influences during the stone formation that created patterns with unique and timeless colour nuances and structures.