About our stone

The advantages of decorative stone

Natural decorative stone is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. We offer an extensive range of wall and floor coverings made of natural stone, stone products, sinks and bathtubs, both for private and business spaces.

The biggest advantages of natural decorative stone are its natural qualities, colour variations, precisely treated surfaces installation with the use of calibrated plates. The products are made of one piece of stone, which gives them a special aesthetic value.

Decorative coverings serve as decoration and the features of natural material make the stay in your home even better. The porosity of natural stones allows rapid transfer of heat and at the same time, helps improve the acoustics of the room, because the structure of the rock absorbs the sound and consequently reduces echo in the room. 

Our offer includes a wide colour palette, from snowy white to black, and various surface treatments, from rough to smooth surfaces. The majority of wall and floor coverings have a mosaic structure. The stones are meticulously attached to grids of different sizes, depending on the sample. We offer dozens of different patterns (forms) of wall and floor coverings, in different colour variations.

Hand-laid mosaics create a three-dimensional surface structure. We recommend lighting the stone wall, as the light fracturing creates a shadow play, which gives the stone a touch of timelessness. 

The installation of decorative stone is quick and easy and does not require grouting. Mosaic plates are calibrated and secured to the grids, which can be cut with a utility knife, if necessary. The plates are laid in the same way as normal ceramic plates. We recommend the use of high quality adhesives for ceramics, namely adhesives for exterior surfaces, as these are more elastic or flexible. 

Decorative stone is widely used for decoration of inner and outer areas. Except for the occasional vacuuming with a brush attachment to remove the dust, stone coverings do not require any special maintenance. Stone itself has no electro-static charge, so the wall does not attract dust. 

Certain mosaics are especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. For these areas, we recommend that you impregnate the stone surfaces after the installation with an impregnating agent. This prevents the absorption of impurities and natural moisture in the stone. The impregnation of the stone protects the grouts at the same time.