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Except for the occasional vacuuming with a brush attachment to remove the dust, stone coverings do not require any special maintenance.  Stone itself has no electro-static charge, so the wall does not attract dust. Dust usually accumulates due to draft in the area. 

In order to prevent the ingress of water and contaminants into the structure of the stone, we recommend protection with impregnating agents. This applies particularly for bathrooms, kitchens and floor surfaces. In bathrooms and kitchens, we recommend the use of smooth mosaics with grouting and protection with impregnating agents.

TIP! Impregnation should be executed by a technically competent person that is able to handle preservatives. The impregnating agent should be rubbed into the structure of the stone to the point, where the stone is completely and evenly soaked. There are two types of impregnating agents, wet look or classic look, the latter of which does not change the shade or colour of the stone.

We advise against the use of paints, oils or products that are not suitable for stone care, as they prevent the breathing of stone surfaces and give the stone an unnatural appearance.